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Improve Plastic Film Quality by adding the right Friction Rate

The coefficient of friction or COF is calculated as the total value of the frictional force divided by the normal force. This testing is utilized for a wide range of materials such as lubricants, plastic films etc. to evaluate the frictional properties. It is usually determined to be the ease by which two surfaces slide against each other. The COF value is the ratio between forces required to slide the surface and the force perpendicular to the surface. A low COF states that the surfaces are smoother or less resistant to sliding movements. Polymers utilized for film manufacture are usually tested on Co-efficient of Friction Tester.

Plastic Film

Types of frictional forces evaluated using COF tester are as follows:

Static Coefficient of friction

Static friction is a force that keeps an object at rest up to the point from where it initiates motion. Thus, the static COF is the force resisting the movement of an object that is at rest. It is calculated by finding the initial peak force required to move the sled and dividing the value by the weight of the sled.

Kinetic Coefficient of friction

When the static friction is overcome, kinetic friction initiates and it is determined by the force which resists the motion. The kinetic COF is the force resisting the motion of an object that is sliding. It is computed by evaluating the average load during the test and dividing this by the weight of the sled, which holds the other material.

Presto Coefficient of Friction Tester is a highly accurate design used to indicate the static and kinetic friction of plastic films and sheets when sliding over itself or other substance at pre-determined test condition. It is manufactured under various testing standards such as ASTM D618, ASTM D 883, BS 2782, and ASTM D 1894.



Important highlights of the testing instrument:

  • Equipped with the microprocessor-based display to obtain live test recording.
  • Dynamic and kinetic friction displayed for further calculations.
  • Get highly accurate test results under uniform sliding friction.
  • Slider blocks come with the machine for performing tests based on the sample to sample friction and glass or metal.
  • Zero specimen slippage ensured with strong fly screws without any loops.
  • Bright LED display along with feather touch controls.
  • Compressive force clamp with hardened thread screw.
  • User-friendly experience with easy handling & operations.

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