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Bursting Strength Tester – Analogue

The bursting strength of a material is a major aspect that defines its quality. The bursting force is the force that is exerted on a material from edges or elbows. Most of the failures of materials happen due to this force hence the bursting strength force is essential to measure for best quality assurance of the products. The bursting strength is also a major aspect of quality of the materials that are used in packaging industries such as paper, fabrics, plastic sheets, etc. For best evaluation of the bursting strength of a material, the bursting strength tester is used. Presto offers a wide variety of bursting strength testers that are widely used in packaging industries.

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The packaging of a product has to bear a lot of forces and impact during different stages such as transportation,

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2 Reviews of Bursting Strength Tester – Analogue

  1. Lalit Aggarwal
    23 Feb, 2016

    Determining at what strength the packaging material will burst was difficult earlier but now it is easy to understand the bursting factor and strength of a material. The instrument is easy to operate. It offers highly standardized and accurate test results. Thanks to Presto for highly reliable device.

  2. Kirti Sharma
    23 Feb, 2016

    Bursting is not an issue for me because of bursting strength tester. The tool provides the opportunity to check the material in initial stage and helps from sudden bursting due to low quality of the packaging material. The bursting strength tester is the best equipment to maintain the quality of the packaging boxes.

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