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Co Efficient Of Friction Tester Computerised

PCOF - S03 (C) (Wintest)

Coefficient of Friction Tester – Digital Cum Computerised is a consistent tool to indicate the starting and sliding friction of plastic films and sheets when sliding over itself or other substance at specified test condition. PRESTO Coefficient of Friction Test.

Coefficient of friction reveals the stack ability of plastic films. Friction could result from uneven film thickness which leads to uneven film strength. Coefficient of friction tester tells about the degree of abuse a plastic film will sustain without damaging the contents.

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    • Load Cell Capacity: 3 Kgf
    • Display: LED (Digital) and Graphical
    • Accuracy: ±2% at full load (with master load)
    • Least Count/Resolution: 3 gm
    • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Speed: 150 ±30 mm/min
    • Motor: 15 kg/cm2 torque, 60rpm

    • Microprocessor based display for accurate test results
    • Display for Dynamic and Kinetic Friction
    • Highly accurate test results under sliding friction – force.
    • Slider Block for performing tests – Sample to Sample, glass or metal
    • No slippage in case specimen is tightened uniformly using without any loops.
    • Compressive force clamp with spring operated
    • Feather touch controls
    • Easy Data Management. User can create product identification, test details etc.
    • Graph test report is Force Vs Time.
    • 10 Sample test reports can be seen on one report
    • Email facility of report
    • Data can be tabulated in excel format
    • Pass/Fail Criteria can be programmed
    • Inbuilt hardware/software CD

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