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Cobb Sizing Tester


The Cobb Sizing tester is used to measure an optimum level of water which can be absorbed by a paperboard efficiently. To perform the test, the same is first weighed and then place in cylindrical ring which is full of 100 cc of liquid. After a period of time, the water is drained out, and the excessive amount of water left in the specimen is drained with the help of a roller. Now again take the weight of the specimen. The weight gain by the sample is considered as its water absorbency. It is a hand operated model that offers labor-intensive clamping of the specimen to position the sample appropriately. The instrument offers automatic clamping and releases to release and to fix the samples easily.

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    • Sample Diameter: 130 mm (approx)
    • Depth of cylinder: 60 mm
    • Diameter of rubber pad: 145 mm
    • Water level indicator in cylinder: 10 mm and 25 mm
    • Weight of roller: 10Kg (approx)

    • High Quality rugged structure with corrosion resistant main body
    • Light weight and resilient
    • Fast Locking Mechanism
    • Single handed hassle free operation
    • Highly accurate test results
    • High Grade stainless steel test area

Reviews of Cobb Sizing Tester

  1. Anil Kulshreshta
    24 Feb, 2016

    Packaging materials must survive in moist conditions and the water absorbency of the cartons and papers is now easy to test with Presto’s Cobb Sizing Tester. The instrument offers highly accurate results. It is a highly standardized device which is designed as per the standards. Thanks to Presto for providing amazing testing solution.

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