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Colour Matching Cabinet – Euro

Spectrum III (EURO)

Color Matching Cabinet Spectrum EURO is a consistent tool useful for visual assessment and evaluation of colors. Used in various industries and laboratories to maintain quality and color consistency of a sample to detect the phenomenon of metamerism.

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    • Angle of Viewing Booth: 45 Degree
    • Viewing Booth Material: Wood or Steel
    • Lights: D 65 Artificial Daylight (ADL), TL 84 Triphospher Fluorescent Light (Point of Sale), UV-B Black
    • light, Ultra Violet Black Light, TFL Tungsten Filament Light
    • Readout Up to: 99999.9 hours
    • Viewing Area: 675mmx455mmx400mm
    • Time Totalizer Accuracy: ±0.2% over entire range
    • Time Totalizer Least count: 1/10 hr

    • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
    • Wide Viewing Area
    • High Quality Light sources used.

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