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Digital GSM Balance

SP -202

GSM is a basic quantity that is used for determining various properties of different materials. The packaging manufacturers use the GSM for determining the weight and strength of a packaging material. The GSM stands for Grammage per Square Meter. Presto offers a highly accurate Digital GSM balance which is used for weighing the test samples of packaging materials to find out their GSM in an accurate manner.

The digital GSM balance offered by Presto is designed to provide an accurate and stable measurement of GSM of various products. The instrument directly gives the reading in terms of gram/m2. The instrument is provided with a digital display which provides easy readability of the products. It is also provided with an AC adaptor which hence the machine can also be operated on a power supply of 220 volts, 50 Hz AC. The instrument is a compact and space saving model which eventually gives an easy and simple procedure for measurement.

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    • Capacity : 200gm
    • L.C. : 0.01gm
    • Pan size : 120 mm
    • Display : high contrast LCD display
    • Power : AC adaptor (Included) or 4 AA battery (not included)
    • Calibration : 200 gm brass weight (Included)
    • Linearity : ± 0.01 g
    • GSM least count : 1 GSM = (weight x 100)

    • Software lock switch & integrated transportation lock
    • Adjustable footrest with level indicator.
    • Superior shock resistance & overload protection

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