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Drop Tester Motorised Pneumatic

PDT - 0135

Drop Tester is motorised single wing structure, suitable for package dropping impact endurance test, such as carton and electric equipment. By testing with falling down with this drop testing machine, we can be sure about the goods safety when being delivered.

The pneumatic system operates the wing structure. It has a wired remote control to operate the machine. The boxes are tested on 3 ways, edge wise, corner wise and flat surface. The box placed on the wings is carried to a specified height as per the testing standards to drop it. Once the box is dropped, the operator visualises the effect of free fall on the carton. It is widely used in the different industries that deal with carton manufacturing.

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    • Testing height Drop Height: Min. 380mm, Max 1800mm
    • Max. dimension of Box that can be tested: Standard L 500 x W 500 x H 500 mm
    • Max weight of Box to be tested: Upto 60 Kg
    • Opening Actuation: Pneumatic cylinder (Operation through remote)
    • Top Edge Holding Device: Included
    • Height Measuring Scale least count: 1 mm
    • Base dimension (Floor Space): 1200 x 900 mm

    • Provision to lift up test platform by guide motorised mechanism
    • Drop Height adjustable clamp
    • Straight and Angular Drop tests can be performed on a single Instrument
    • Strong Base Plate with Rugged structure.
    • Electric hoist for positioning drop assembly and lifting heavy packages.
    • Dropping operate through pneumatic system

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