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Edge Crush Tester (ECT)

The edge crush tester is a sophisticated testing instrument that is used by the manufacturers of packaging materials to provide the best strength and quality to the packaging products that they deliver to the clients. The edge crush tester offered by Presto is one of the most accurate and efficient edge crush testing instrument that is trusted by a large number of manufacturers for accurate and precise determination of edge crush strength of their packaging materials. The edge crush tester instrument is used for testing of different materials such as corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes and so forth.

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2 Reviews of Edge Crush Tester (ECT)

  1. Lokesh Aggarwal
    24 Feb, 2016

    I have purchased Edge Crush Tester from Presto last month for the testing laboratory of my packaging product manufacturing industries. I need the instrument to measure the crushing strength the edges of the cartons and corrugated boxes. The instrument is very easy to operate. Three types of tests can be performed with the device i.e. Ring crush test, Flat crush test and Edge crush test. Thanks to Presto for the instrument.

  2. Dilshad
    24 Feb, 2016

    Do you want to save your packaging boxes from crush and other damage, get ECT my friends as I did. This is the best machine for testing the corrugated boxes.

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