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Edge Crush Tester (ECT)

The edge crush tester is a sophisticated testing instrument that is used by the manufacturers of packaging materials to provide the best strength and quality to the packaging products that they deliver to the clients. The edge crush tester offered by Presto is one of the most accurate and efficient edge crush testing instrument that is trusted by a large number of manufacturers for accurate and precise determination of edge crush strength of their packaging materials. The edge crush tester instrument is used for testing of different materials such as corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes and so forth.

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The Presto’s edge crush tester is used for inspection of packaging containers in various industries and is in compliance with various international standards such as TAPI, ASTM and so forth related to corrugated and cardboard boxes. The instrument can also be used a ring crush tester and flat crush tester as per the standards stated by ASTM and other regulatory authorities.

The edge crush strength of the test sample is calculated in terms of KN/Unit Length. The edge crush strength depicts the stiffness of the corrugated boxes hence higher the ECT value, higher the value of the stiffness of the box.

The compression strength of the box with ECT is calculated with the help of McKee’s Formula which is given as:

Compression Strength = k.ECT x T x Z

Where, k= Constant
ECT = edge crush test value
T=Thickness of CFB board (wall thickness)
Z= Perimeter of the box, i.e. (2 L + 2 W)

There are two models of Edge crush tester offered by Presto that are Digital edge crush tester and computerized edges crush tester

  • 1) Digital Edge crush Tester (ECT)
    • The capacity of the instrument is a 100-kilogram force.
    • Least count offered by the instrument is 100 g.
    • The accuracy offered by machine is ± 1%.
    • The speed of the test is 12.5±2.5 mm/min.
    • The instrument is designed as per the standards prescribed in IS 7063.
    • Dimensions of the instrument are as follows 60 X 50 X 125 cm.
    • The crushing strength is given in kilograms per unit length.
    • The instrument is placed on a rigid metallic plate and is provided a gray and blue finish for corrosion resistance.
    • The instrument operates on a power supply of 220V AC, 50 Hz.
    • The approximate weight of the machine is 93 kg.
    • The instrument comes complete with conformance certificate and a user manual.
    2) Crush /RCT/ECT /FCT- Computerized
    cum Digital Model

    • The instrument is a computerized model with a dual system that are digital display and inbuilt hardware and  computer software CD.
    • The machine has a maximum capacity of 100 Kilogram force.
    • The least count offered by the instrument is 100 g and offers an accuracy of ±1%.
    • The speed of the test conducted is 12.5±2.5 mm/min.
    • The standard used for calculation of ECT is IS 7.63.
    • Dimensions of the machines are given as 60 cm X 50 cm X 125 cm.
    • The machine operates on a power supply of 220 V AC and 50 Hz.
    • The net weight of the instrument is 93 KG.
    • The instruments I offered completely along with a user manual, calibration certificate which can easily be traced to an NABL approved labs.

    1) Digital Edge crush Tester (ECT)
    • The instrument offers accurate readout with a digital display.
    • The force is measured electronically with the help of a load cell.
    • The loading system offered by the instrument is Electro-Mechanical.
    • The equipment is provided with electronic controls for easy and simple operation.
    • The instrument is provided with peak hold feature which keeps the higher values in memory for future reference.
    2) Crush /RCT/ECT /FCT- Computerized
    cum Digital Model

    • The instrument has a feature of peak hold which helps in memorizing the highest value for future reference.
    • The readings are displayed in graphical format of Force vs. Time.
    • The test reports can easily be saved on a personal computer.
    • At a time, ten test reports can be viewed.
    • The data can also be arranged in a tabular form with excel document.
    • The test report can be e-mailed easily.
    • Company details such as logo, company name, address etc. can be mentioned in the reports.
    • With this instrument, PASS/Fail criteria can easily be programmed.

    Sample Reports for Computerized Model

    Crush Tester Ect - Fct - Rct

2 Reviews of Edge Crush Tester (ECT)

  1. Lokesh Aggarwal
    24 Feb, 2016

    I have purchased Edge Crush Tester from Presto last month for the testing laboratory of my packaging product manufacturing industries. I need the instrument to measure the crushing strength the edges of the cartons and corrugated boxes. The instrument is very easy to operate. Three types of tests can be performed with the device i.e. Ring crush test, Flat crush test and Edge crush test. Thanks to Presto for the instrument.

  2. Dilshad
    24 Feb, 2016

    Do you want to save your packaging boxes from crush and other damage, get ECT my friends as I did. This is the best machine for testing the corrugated boxes.

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