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GSM Round Cutter


Presto’s GSM round cutter is used to cut the accurate shape and size of specimens rapidly and accurately to check the weight or grammage of the samples. The portable GSM round cutter tool is used to cut the sample of size 100 cm2, which exactly equals to the 1/100th of a square meter. The GSM round cutter instrument provides the results in grams, which when multiplied by 100 provides the value in gram per square meter i.e. GSM directly.

Hence, we can say that,
GSM = Weight of the Sample (in Grams) x 100

GSM round cutter comprises of 4 knives. By rotating the knob of the tool quarter a turn, the cutter provides the sample of 100 cm2. It is an excellent instrument that provides the exactly round sample of various materials like paper, foils, textiles, multi-layered boards, single layered boards.

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    • Standard shape of the sample is circular.
    • Specimen area of 100 cm square and with diameter 112.8 mm is provided with the instrument.
    • The cutter is equipped with the 4 heavy duty reversible S.S. blades.
    • The machine is also provided with the safety lock which is made up of fine brass.
    • It is fitted with the special Bakelite handle.

    • The body is designed completely with aluminum casting.
    • It provides the samples in round shape.
    • The instrument has 4 replaceable German Blades.

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