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Opacity Tester – Digital

OTD 68

Presto Stantest designed and manufactured “Opacity test – Digital” to evaluate the reflection/absorption power of the paper and packaging materials. Measuring the transparency of the papers is the basic property of a paper. The opacity is defined as a portion of reflection to measure the reflectance of the material. The opacity of the paper is subjective to the degree of bleaching of the fibers, thickness, coating, the kind of filler, and other parameters.

Opacity tester is the perfect instrument for the testing laboratories as it is simple to utilize. The instrument signifies the relative opacity of the laminates, plastic films, printed packaging sheets and related materials. With the single pass of the light ray from the material, the system measures different light conditions on a scale of 0-100 opacity units, in lieu of transparent to purely opaque materials. As it is the best instrument to control the opacity of the material, it saves money on additives that are used in the production of packaging materials and other plastic films. The opacity meter provides cost-effective solutions.

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Opacity is that property of a material that opposes the passage of light. The opacity of the material is calculated by the proportion of waves that are absorbed by a paper.  With the single passage of light through the specimen, the instrument quickly measure the comparative transmission of light with the measurement scale having opacity units from 0 – 100 that represents the visibility from purely transparent to purely opaque. The instrument is used to measure the opacity of the printed papers where both the side is printed.

    • The instrument measures the opaqueness of paper from 0 – 99%
    • It provides the accuracy of 0.3%.
    • The data displayed on the instrument is proportional to the intensity of reflecting light.
    • The machine requires the power consumption of single phase, 230V, 50 Hz.

    • It is a portable instrument that provides the best quality services.
    • Compact, precise and light-weighted instrument.
    • Highly durable test machine that ensures highly stable operations.
    • The machine requires low power consumption.

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