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Prima Series – Hot Air Oven

Presto’s Hot Air Oven – Prima Series performs various tests on different kinds of materials that require high temperature, compression set, hot deformation and heat resistance. The Universal Memmert Type Digital Model has new graphical LCD Display for indicating the user-friendly messages. The messages are displayed as images and values. The machine is designed in an artistic way that provides durability and proper usages.

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The inside chamber of hot air oven is stainless steel, and outer is M.S. neatly power coated. The tool is equipped with hot air blower and digital temperature indicator cum controller. On the right side of the main body, there is  a separate control panel (housing all indicators) that aids in easy maintenance and accessibility. Mineral wool is added (for insulation) to fill the space between the two walls.  Samples are stored in stainless steel adjustable trays. The equipment has industrial type heaters and air circulating fan for uniform temperature distribution within the chamber. The additional fan is available to maintain fan motor cooling. To change the airflow or place an external source, the instrument has a port with adjustable openings.

The Autumn Gray and Blue paint and bright chrome / zinc plating are used for corrosion resistant finish. The device is supplied with the Instruction Manual and Electrical Wiring Diagram. The Calibration Certificate is also provided with the tool that is trusted by NABL approved labs.

    • The maximum temperature range of the tool is between Ambient to 250 Degree Celsius
    • The resolution is 0.1 degree Celsius and size of the hot air oven are 18 x 18 x 18 inch (455 X 455 X 455mm) inside.

    • The auto-tuned ADVANCED PID control is available for temperature with timer and soft power on key.
    • The tool has five soft touch keys for machine operation and LEDs that indicates heating, alarm, fan, and power indications.
    • The Graphics Menu Driven system has feather touch key operation for setting multiple parameters.
    • The 100 type sensors have an advanced setting option for appropriate handling of critical menu setting.
    • Fan Enables and Fan On-Off Timer settings.
    • SSR-based output control with Real Time Clock (RTC).
    • Alarm buzzes when process start and system stop.
    • The alarm alerts for high or low temperature against specified limit.
    • The data logger with RS232 PC communication software can record 1000 onboard data.
    • An electrical circuit breaker (MCB) for protection.


    Optional Features

    • Hot air ovens are also available in other sizes on specific requirement
    • The tool can be up to 300 degrees Celcius on specific requirement.


2 Reviews of Prima Series – Hot Air Oven

  1. Momita Das
    23 Feb, 2016

    Wow.. The artistic design and sophisticated features of the machine is simply superb!! The graphical display is provided with some new and amazing features as it depicts user-friendly messages, images and values. The instrument offers accurate results. I am happy to have the latest generation model and very good prices.

  2. Manjeet
    23 Feb, 2016

    A good, reliable, fantastic and useful laboratory testing equipment. The hot air oven prima series is really a great and advanced tool. Good job by the makers of the tool.

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