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Scuff Tester

The scuffing is a term referred to the process of scuffing of a material when it is rubbed against any other material or surface which is rougher. The scuff tester is an ideal instrument that is used for estimation of the scuffing resistance of the packaging materials such as printed films or labels. Scuff Tester works incessantly by rubbing the surface of two printed materials on the same plane by setting the printed side face to face. The scuff tester instrument is used for evaluating the damage done to the print quality of the printed materials on rubbing against any rough surface. With the scuff tester instrument, the color quality and consistency of the printed packaging materials is also tested.

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The working of the Scuff tester offered by Presto is as follows. During the test procedure, the test samples that are two printed materials are rubbed continuously against each other with the printed face towards each other. The process of rubbing is done at a frequency of 60 rpm with constant pressure applied to the test samples.

The test specimen is at the base of the instrument, and then the weight of 2 psi is exerted on the specimen. The tester is then set to carry out specified numbers of cycles. After the test procedure is completed, the changes in the print quality of the test specimen are evaluated.

    • The testing instrument has the capacity of testing specimens of two different sizes of 2 inches and 4.5 inches diameter.
    • The test weight used for the test procedure is 2 psi (1 psi+ 1 psi) which is duly attached to the instrument.
    • The instrument has a digital preset timer.
    • The number of strokes that can be set in the instrument can vary from 0 to 999.
    • The equipment operates on an AC power supply of single phase 230 Volts, 50 or 60 Hz.
    • The instrument has a steel body which is duly coated with chrome for corrosion resistant finish.

    • The instrument is ideal for use in packaging industries for testing the quality of paper and other printed materials.
    • The instrument offers highly stable and repeatable testing results.
    • It has a simple and easy operation.
    • The instrument is provided with an automatic buzzer that automatically prompts when the test procedure is completed.
    • The equipment offers high efficiency.
    • Very low maintenance is required for proper working of the instrument.

2 Reviews of Scuff Tester

  1. Kishor Kumar
    24 Feb, 2016

    The major problem we usually face in the packaging unit is the inferior quality of prints on the packaging labels. But with Presto’s Scuff Tester, it becomes easy for us to test the print transfer quality of scuffing resistance of the labels. The instrument continuously produces scuffing on the printed labels to test the quality. Thanks to presto for providing such a useful machine. I am grateful to have the product.

  2. karan
    27 Feb, 2016

    Scuff tester is best and useful tool for checking the ink quality of the printed material. Important information can be saved from rubbing if right tool is used earlier to check the quality of ink.

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