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Top Load Tester

The performance of the bottles and containers at the time of transportation, storage, and warehousing is a matter of concern for manufacturers. Product usually fails or damage during shipping due to the heavy load of stacking or piling of products one above the other, which enhances the cost of the product that can’t be handled by the manufacturer easily. But same time, these damages can be prevented by testing the products under top load test. Measuring the top load strength of the material using top load tester instrument is the best method which is used to measure the force that causes deformation and failure of bottles and containers. Top load strength of the material help to detect the thin area on the walls of the bottles that results in buckling or damaging of the bottle when pressed by heavily loaded containers.

Presto’s Top Load Tester offers the digital evaluation of compressive buckling due to load from the top.  It is a completely automatic and motorized instrument that offers quick and accurate results. The instrument has a digital display. The display of the top load tester machine is highly sophisticated and appealing. The display of the testing machine offer easily readability and equipped with a peak, hold arrangement and auto tare facility. The top load tester instrument is designed keeping in mind various national and international standard test methods.

Presto design and manufactures four different models of Top Load Tester namely,

  • Top Load Tester Analogue Model,
  • Top Load Tester Digital Model,
  • Top Load Tester Computerized Model
  • Top Load Tester for Jars

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Reviews of Top Load Tester

  1. Parveen Kumar
    25 Feb, 2016

    Perfect device with combination of all relevant and sophisticated features. It helped us a lot to measure the stacking strength, top load strength of the containers, cartons, etc. The instrument is easy to operate and offers highly accurate results. Thanks to Presto for the amazing machine. I am grateful to have the product. I also appreciate the services of Presto and on-time delivery of the product.

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