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TP110 Precision Color Measurement


TP110 is an advanced and effective instrument offered by Presto Stantest that is widely being used in industries for the purpose of color measurement. The instrument is capable of providing stable and repeatable testing data for color measurement of a variety of products. The instrument is designed with effective ergonomic designs which assist easy operations.

TP 110 is ideal for measuring the color quality and consistency of products in industries where appearance and color quality of products is of great importance. The instrument has dual locating that are  Facula locating and cross locating. There is a new design of sphere added to the instrument. The working of the instrument is incorporated with a Li-Ion battery with high capacity for a long time working.

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    • Illumination/Observation system: 8/d (8º illumination angle/diffuse viewing)
    • Measuring Aperture: 4 mm(Diameter)
    • Light Sources: D-65
    • Detector: Silicon photoelectric diode
    • Color Spaces Indices: CIEL*a*b*C*h* ; CIEL*a*b* ;CIEXYZ
    • Minimum Interval Between measurement: Approx 1.0s
    • Measuring End Face: Large stable end face and small concave convex end face

    • Adopts accurate camera locating feature
    • Illumination locating for user ease of operation
    • Software based output of test results
    • Auto white and black calibration
    • Various Color Sources
    • Display of Whiteness, Yellowness and Color Fastness
    • Convenient Operation and ergonomic design
    • Small measuring aperture- easy to measure concave-convex object
    • Creative Facula locating and cross locating

Reviews of TP110 Precision Color Measurement

  1. Bhawna Jain
    24 Feb, 2016

    Now measuring the actual color of textiles becomes easy with TP 110 precision color measurement instrument. I have purchased this product from Presto. I am very much thankful to Presto for the amazing services and on-time delivery. I got the instrument safely with highly safe packaging.

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