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TP310 Portable Color Measurement Instrument


TP 310 is a highly advanced testing instrument that is widely used for color measuring of a products and materials in different industries. Color measuring is a major requirement for many products in most of the industries. High color quality has a great impact on the mind of the customers hence it is essential for the manufacturers to implicate the best color measuring techniques and instrument to provide best color quality and consistency to the products.


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    • The device has a viewing geometry of 8/d.
    • The instrument is provided with LED blue light excitation sources.
    • The instrument is incorporated with a Sensor type with silicone diode array.
    • The instrument is provided with an 8 mm flat aperture and 4 mm tip aperture.
    • The device is used for calculation of a variety of color spaces including CIEL x a x b x C x h x CIEL x a x b x CIEXYZ CIERGB CIEL x u x v x CIEL x C x h Yellowness & Whiteness Color Fastness.
    • The instrument can observe the test specimen in various different lights such as D65 and D50 A.
    • The dimensions of the device are as follows: 195x70x110mm.
    • The instrument is provided with a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh.
    • The maximum lamp life offered by the instrument is five years.
    • It has a USB interface which gives easy transfer of data.
    • The memory of the devices has a capacity of 20000 samples.
    • There are is a miniature thermal printer that is provided with the instrument as an optional accessory.

    • Easy operation with ergonomic design.
    • Compact and easily portable.
    • Constant color measurement with great stability and repeatability.
    • Flexible locating with the best
    • PC software is also provided with the instrument which offers additional functionality.
    • Better power management of the device.

Reviews of TP310 Portable Color Measurement Instrument

  1. Suman Malhotra
    21 Jun, 2018

    This product is very helpful in easy and faster colour quantification and is very portable in nature. it has many advanced features within.

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