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Vacuum Leak Tester with LCD Display & Thermal Printer

Presto designs and manufactures the Vacuum Leak Tester with LCD Display and Thermal Printer comply with the International Quality Standards. The instrument helps to evaluate the sealing quality and integrity of a package when exposed to a pressure differential.

Presto’s  vacuum leak tester is a helpful tool for many packaging and pet manufacturing industries to test the leakproofness in daily chemical products, food packages, drugs packets, medical tools, cars, electronic components, stationeries, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG pouches,  and other industrial products. The instrument is used for visual observation of the foiled cups tested under a vacuum. The chamber has defined vacuum that measures the integrity and evaluate the leak in the foil packaging. This ensures seals are intact.

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The outer body of the tester is mild steel power coated and is provided with a graphical LCD display. There are up to 20 programs four parameters including program number, test name, set vacuum, and hold time. For releasing the vacuum at the end of the process, automatic retention time is set with range settable between 40 – 300 second.

    • The chamber size of desiccator is 300 mm diameter
    • The initial delay timer is between 40 – 300 seconds that is range settable
    • The instrument range is between -150 mmHg to -600mmHg
    • The clock display format is dd/mm/yyyy – HH : mm
    • The machine requires 5 Amp., 220 V, AC Single phase power phase
    • Test time range is between 00:15 to 30:00 mm: ss
    • There is 1 mmHg vacuum display resolution.

    • The instrument has running timer – initial delay, hold time, retention time, Real-time clock, and F1, F2, F3 (short key)
    • The Alphanumeric keypad for the front
    • A print key put for printing the test reports that include row print facilities, sample ID, batch number, test number, date, time, set vacuum, hold time, retention time, test result, LEDs indications, vacuum pressure, retention time, hold time and alarm.
    • Set different parameters with menu driven system.
    • The SSR-based output controls and fan relay for fan operation
    • User allowed to feed the name
    • The RS232 / USB interface available to store data

2 Reviews of Vacuum Leak Tester with LCD Display & Thermal Printer

  1. Pundir
    22 Feb, 2016

    I received the vacuum leak tester last month and after ensuring all its features and performances I decided to aware others to buy this product. My one month experience is too good for checking the leak proofness of packaging items. I appreciate the LCD display and thermal printer that are additional help for providing the accurate result.

  2. Ramalingam
    23 Feb, 2016

    Best instrument to detect the leakage property of the pouches, sealed glasses, food packets, pharmaceuticals, drug packets. The device is used for visual observation of foiled cups for any sort of leakage under vacuum. Best instrument to ensure that seals are intact. The instrument offers accurate results. I am grateful to have the product.

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