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Vacuum Leak Tester

PVL - 0130 (150 mm)

The vacuum leak tester is a precise testing instrument offered by Presto that is used by many packaging industries and Pet manufacturing industries for testing the quality of the pouches and PET bottles. The  vacuum leak tester instrument is used for testing integrity of the foiled cups and other packaging products to the effect of vacuum. The vacuum leak tester instrument helps to assure that the seal is unbroken and perfectly fine by ensuring its leak-proofness. Thus, the instrument serves as a great aid for evaluating the integrity of the foil packaging before transportation or storage of the products consequently reducing the loss that could happen otherwise.

The instrument is highly helpful in assuring that the seals of packaging materials are intact and do not have any leakage or damage.

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    • Vacuum adjustable up to – 900 mb (675 mm-Hg.)
    • Box made of polished transparent PMMA (very rugged)
    • Easy to use and safe
    • 2 stage vacuum and holding time setting
    • Accuracy: 0.5% of the measure
    • Delivered with vacuum generator
    • Customised Box with dimensions upon request


    • The instrument is best for accurate and repeatable testing.
    • The instrument is in strict adherence to the international and national standards.
    • The machine is available with a calibration certificate which can be traced to a NABL lab easily.



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