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Factors Affecting the Compressive Strength of The Packaging Containers

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The packaging boxes are widely used in the industries for shipping different products safely and efficiently. The products remain safe in the packaging containers as they are strong stiff and are designed to survive the extreme conditions faced by them during the transportation process. The materials that have been used for manufacturing packaging containers include paper, cardboard, corrugated boards and so forth. The compression strength of a packaging box is a major factor that can affect the safety of the products during transportation and storage. The box compression strength of the packaging containers must be checked properly to ensure that the products remain safe and intact during the process.

Some of the factors affect the compression strength of the packaging containers.

Edge Crush Value

The edge crush value of the material has a great impact on the value of the compression of the material. The edge crush value is very much useful in prediction of box compression value of the material. That is why most of the manufacturers rely on the edge crush value of the material to determine the value of box compression tester. If there is a change in the edge crush value of the material then can bring significant changes in the box compression value.

Design of the Container

The design of the container is also a major factor that affects the compression strength. If the box has a complete design, then it will have more compression strength. Sometimes there are holes introduced in the design of the box to reduce the weight of the packaging and other purposes. These holes decrease the compression strength of the container.

Corrugation of the Boards

The corrugated sheets are the most widely used packaging materials used in industries. The corrugation is used for increasing the strength of the sheet and hence the final products which in this case is the packaging container. The amplitude and pitch of the flutes are one of the major factors that define the strength of the sheet. The manufacturers can control the strength of the materials by controlling the flutes induced in the corrugated sheets.

Bursting factor

The bursting factor or bursting strength of the material used for manufacturing the packaging container is also a significant factor in determining the box compression strength of the products. The bursting strength can be easily determined with the help of an instrument called Bursting strength tester. When the bursting strength of the materials is known then, one can easily predict the compression strength of the packaging containers.

The box compression strength of a packaging container can be very helpful in determining the applicability of a container for a particular type of product hence the manufacturer need to predict the compression strength accurately. The Box compression tester offered by Presto is an effective compression testing machine that is used in packaging industries for testing the compression strength of the packaging boxes with great accuracy to ensure the best safety of the products.

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