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Presto is considered to be the leading manufacturer of package testing instruments and a National Award Winner for Quality Products from the Government of India. We have 2 Modern Automated Manufacturing plants using the latest technology in terms of CNC Machines, Laser Cutting & Design Software, and a 140+ Team and over 16 Patents to our credit.

With the growing demand for packaging products, the need for packaging testing instruments has also been increasing. Hence, becoming a dealer with Presto could prove to be your ticket to financial prosperity.

If you are packaging material testing industry for various domains then this is a “go-to” opportunity to make a fortune.

Success Stories

Happy to have a great set of deals!

I have joined the Presto dealership program past year and it has benefitted me a lot. My business profit got hiked up to 200% this year. Their in-depth product training and sales techniques have provided me with more knowledge about how to sell quality products to customers.

Amit Nair

Raibow Packaging, Mumbai

$1.5 million Turnover in Just First Two Years.

Presto is a market leader in quality testing instruments. When I decided to foray into lab testing instruments, becoming a dealer of Presto was my obvious choice. They have been a great support.

Peter Drucker

Tristar, Indonesia

Benefits of becoming a Presto Dealer

Quality testing instruments
Presto is a leading manufacturer of package testing instruments and an exporter of large array of testing machines-all available for dealers.
Obsolete Inventory
You will never have to worry about the product stock. Just rock your deals and we take care of stocks to meet your product demands.
Meet customer demand criteria
We have set a standard for the finest precision testing machines and built a solution to match the expectations of buyers and users.
In-depth training
Receive in-depth training in our state-of-the-art facilities including product knowledge, sales techniques, placemaking, and more.

Product Range

Become a Presto Package Testing Instruments and represent product solutions designed to solve real problems for manufacturers

Get ready to explore the opportunity to join a global network
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