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Box Compression Tester (BCT)

Presto manufactures Box Compression Tester to measure the stacking potential and compression strength of paper tanks, cartons, paper cases, beehive crates, etc. It is designed mainly to measure the compression strength of the corrugated boxes and the range of pressure and weight which is required to crush the cardboard completely in a given period of time to measure its maximum stacking potential.

Box compression tester is a test machine with a solid base which has user-friendly controls. The cardboards must have sufficient compression strength so that they do not get crushed when stacked one above the other at the time of storage. The compression strength of a box can be calculated by placing a carton on a platform and by pushing the concurrent plate towards the specimen to rupture the specimen completely. The instrument comprises of a digital indicator to measure the strength of the box digitally.

Presto is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Box compression tester. Presto offers two models of Box Compression tester, namely,

  • Box Compression tester Digital Model
  • Box Compression tester Computerized cum Digital Model.

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At the time of transit of products, cartons, and corrugated boxes are stacked one above the other which leads to compression of the lowermost box due to heavy load. This damages the products. Hence, it is required to test the quality and the strength of the boxes before using it for different packaging purposes. The development towards quality packaging means that the boxes must be produced only of high-quality to ensure the safety of the products. The requirement of measuring the Box Compression tester depends on various factors like:

  • Climatic Conditions
  • Storage method or way of storing the goods like stacking, etc
  • Quality and type of the paperboard like stiffness and compression.

  • 1) Box Compression Tester – Digtal
    • The machine is designed in heavy iron base plates to ensure the stability of the machine
    • Constructed with heavy duty of two columns
    • The size of the platform is 100 cm x 100 cm.
    • Least count of the machine is 500g.
    • Maximum weight of the box can be exerted up to 1000 kg.
    • Least Count of the instrument is 500g.
    • The machine requires the power supply of 2.5 KW.
    • The speed of the movement is 10+/- 3 mm per minute i.e. ½” per minute.
    • The machine is designed with Blue and Gray color of paint and plated with bright zinc / chrome plating that ensures corrosion resistance finish.
    • The instrument is supplied complete with user manual, conformance certificate which is perceptible to approved labs and with an electrical wiring diagram.
    2) Box Compression tester
    Computerized cum Digital Model

    The computerized cum digital model of box compression tester comprises of:

    • Over Travel Protection Facility, Peak Hold, Auto, and Tare Facility.
    • Compact machines, widely used in paper & packaging industries.
    • Available at very low cost.
    • The machine is designed with a heavy base plate.
    • The machine is painted with autumn gray and blue combination of painting along with zinc plating to provide corrosion resistance finish to the instrument.
    • The device is supplied with an instruction manual, conformance certificate and an electrical wiring diagram to efficient and effortless working.

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    1) Box Compression Tester – Digtal
    • The machine provides results in digital format.
    • It can be operated easily on Single phase.
    • The results of the test are expressed in following units like lbf, N or Kgf.
    • The instrument is very light in weight
    • It is best to perform stable performance.
    2) Box Compression tester
    Computerized cum Digital Model

    • The testing machine comprises of dual system namely,
      • In-built Hardware and Software CD,
      • Digital Display.
    • The results can be viewed in a graphical format that depicts Force vs. Time.
    • These results can also be saved for future reference.
    • The data can be e-mailed to the clients to explain them the quality of the specimen.
    • The results can also be viewed in excel spreadsheet.
    • Ten reports can be maintained in a single document.
    • The address of the company and company logo can also be placed on the reports.
    • The graphical report comprises of Operator name, Batch name, Product name, Date & Time, Standards used in the test and remarks.

    Sample Reports for Computerized Model

    Box Compression Tester

2 Reviews of Box Compression Tester (BCT)

  1. Nitin Malhotra
    23 Feb, 2016

    Being a quality assurance head in packaging industry, I purchased Presto’s Box compression tester to test the strength and quality of the boxes and cartons. The instrument is superb. It helps me to judge the stacking strength and quality of the boxes to bear load and pressure. I am really thankful to presto for manufacturing such a useful testing device.

  2. Ranjit Prakash
    23 Feb, 2016

    A great friend and helpful hand for my industry, as we are related to the packaging industry and we have to supply the corrugated boxes to different companies. But now we are supplying the high quality packaging boxes to our end users with the help of box compression tester.

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