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Computerised Cum Digital Table Top Tensile Testing Machine

TTM-S (as per capacity)

Presto’s Computerised Cum Digital Table Top Tensile Testing Machine  is a useful instrument to measure the breaking strength of the packaging related raw materials and finished products. The device is an example of artistic and versatile work of the skilled team of Presto. The equipment has a single column vertical movement on low friction ball screws, and it operates on CRT principle for evaluating the tensile strength of the products and materials.

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    • The device requires single phase 220 V AC 50 Hz for power supply.
    • The least count is 100 gm
    • The grip to grip separation (span) is Min 25mm and Max. 700mm
    • The speed of the test is 100 mm/min. and 200 mm/min.

    • The Force versus Time graphs for test report
    • The test report can be saved to the desktop.
    • The instrument can show ten sample reports in single reports which can be e-mailed.
    • The data can be saved in table format in excel sheet.
    • All the information are added in the report such as product name, batch, operator, shape, date, time and remarks.
    • Auto cut off facility
    • Programmable pass or fail criteria

    Presto’s offer excluding the computer and printer.

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