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Dart Impact Tester


Presto’s Dart Impact Tester is widely used to analyze the impact of weight on a plastic film under a particular condition to measure the effect of a free falling dart. The weight of free falling dart damages the plastic films. The Dart Impact Tester is widely used in plastic industries to judge the stability and strength of plastic films and other related products.

Dart Impact is popularly known as impact failure load of plastic films. The test is performed when the plastic film is subjected to the weight of the hemispherically shaped dart. The plastic sheet on which the test is performed is clamped suitable on the machine, and the height of the dart is set at a particular height.  Dart Impact tester is the highly beneficial tool that clearly controls the normal and peak strength characteristics to speed up the production setting and to conclude the quality of the films and related materials appropriately.

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    • The testing instrument is incorporated with a clamp to fix the specimen having the inner diameter of 127mm
    • The machine works on the principle of the electromagnetic release mechanism.
    • The height of the free-falling dart can be set on the scale at a maximum height of 1524 mm.
    • The diameter of the dart Dart head is 38mm and 50.8 mm as per the requirement.
    • The machine has a digital counter.
    • The machine works on the power of 220 V AC, Single Phase.
    • The size of the machine is 415x500x2153 mm

    • The machine is constructed of a rigid metal base plate.
    • The instrument comprises of strong electromagnetic dart holders.
    • Offers fast, reliable and highly précised measurements from uneven heights.
    • The machine is provided with a calibration certificate perceptible to NABL and supplied with an Instruction Manual.
    • The instrument is painted with gray and blue combination paint and plated with bright chrome plating to offer a corrosion resistant finish.

Reviews of Dart Impact Tester

  1. Vyom Chhabra
    24 Feb, 2016

    Testing the effect of impact forces with Dart Impact Tester is a very simple task. The electromagnetic mechanism of the machine is superb. It easily helps to determine the quality of the materials and helps us to choose best packaging material. Thanks to Presto for the amazing device.

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