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Grammage Checking Kit

Grammage is a major aspect of quality for many different materials such as fabrics, paper, corrugated boards, cardboards etc. The grammage is used for testing the properties, quality and strength of a material. With correct evaluation of the GSM, the manufacturers can easily determine the requirements for processing of the materials.

For determination of accurate GSM or grammage of different materials, Presto offers a highly competent Grammage checking kit. The grammage checking kit is manufactured from very lightweight materials and consists of compact and accurate instruments that are competent enough to provide faster and exact measurement of GSM of the given test sample.

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2 Reviews of Grammage Checking Kit

  1. Yati Rajvanshi
    23 Feb, 2016

    Now cutting perfectly fine and circular sample of 100cm2 and measuring their weight becomes easy. The complete package of Grammage checking kit helped me to do accurate measurement of specific size of material. Both the instruments GSM cutter and GSM balance provide results with great accuracy. Thank you for the machine.

  2. Vishal
    24 Feb, 2016

    High quality tool for checking the strength of the material. Evaluates and provides precise result.

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