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Hot Tack Tester

The HOT Tack tester instrument is used to measure the heat seal performance & tensile strength of composite films, & plastic films used in packaging industries. Presto designs and manufactures the Hot Tack Tester for testing the hot tack and heat seal performance of plastic films, laminated films, etc. Using the Presto HOT Tack tester tool, one can also measure the peel strength of adhesives and adhesive tapes. The Hot tack tester also comes handy for performing the peel strength & low-speed unwrapping test of adhesive tapes.

The Presto HOT Tack tester tool contributes to providing the accurate adhesive quality of flexible materials like tension, peel, shear, and many more. The hot tack tester / Peel off tester can be used for various applications. The Autumn Gray & Blue combination paint is used with bright chrome / zinc plating for providing the corrosion resistant finish.

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2 Reviews of Hot Tack Tester

  1. Rohit Verma
    22 Feb, 2016

    Excellent tool to test the hot tack and heat seal performance. I have ordered the tool for testing the plastic films used in our industry. I’m happy with the performance of hot tack tester as it provides me what I was expecting.

  2. Neetu Sharma
    23 Feb, 2016

    Hot Tack Tester by Presto is very good device. It can easily perform peel, shear and tension test. The tool contributes to provide best adhesive quality of flexible materials. The blue and grey color combination paint of the machine is simply amazing. It gives elegant finish to the machine. I got the product with very safe packaging and in very good conditions. Thanks to Presto for the quality and best services.

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