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Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester

PIART - 0102

Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester is professionally designed for the abrasion resistance test of surface coating layers of printed materials, e.g. ink layer or photosensitive (PS) coating. This instrument could effectively analyze the problems of poor abrasion resistance, ink layer falling off and poor hardness of coating layers of printed materials.

It can determine the quality of the ink and other photosensitive coatings. Bonding of ink with printable surface is put to test. Rub resistance describes the ability of printed material to withstand marking, scuffing or smudging during handling in conversion, packaging, distribution and use. It simulates a similar environment to test the rub resistance on printed materials.

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    • Rub Pressure: 2 Lb and 4 Lb
    • Rub Speed: 43 cycle/min. ±2 cycle/min.
    • Rub Mode: Arc Reciprocating Movement
    • Counter: 9999 Digit
    • Sensor type: PNP
    • Power Supply: 220V AC, 50Hz, 5 Amp., Single phase

    • Equipped with high-end micro-processor to control testing with frequency of rubbing with controlled load
    • Ensures even load distribution on rubbing area of sample
    • Quiet rubbing process
    • It measures the rub resistance bonding of ink with the printable surface

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