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Peel/Seal/Bond Strength Tester

Presto Stantest manufactures Peel Adhesion/ Bond/ Seal Strength Tester to measure the durability of the adhesion and the ability of self-adhesive products. The bond strength of an adhesive material is defined as the force which is required to separate the coated material from the normal substrate under some specific condition with the specific speed and from a particular angle. The product is manufactured as per various standards.

The Peel strength tester is an ideal instrument which is designed to measure the peel, tear and other frictional properties of laminates, adhesives, glues, coating, labels, tapes and other related products. With the help of Presto Seal Strength Tester, one can precisely measure the average strength which is required to peel the coated material from a standard distance. The Peel strength tester machine offers a constant rate of load control and extension that permits you to carry out normal peel test and seal test with a single test instrument.

Presto offers two models of Peel /Seal/ Bond Strength Tester namely,

  • Seal Strength Tester Digital Model
  • Seal Strength Tester Computerized cum Digital Model

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Reviews of Peel/Seal/Bond Strength Tester

  1. Namrata Nayak
    24 Feb, 2016

    Excellent Product quality! The instrument is easy to operate as it is designed with user-friendly controls. Best machine to test the peel & seal strength quality of the adhesives & related materials. It is best enough to measure the peel strength, seal strength, & bond strength of the adhesives. Thank you for the amazing model.

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