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Rolling Ball Tack Tester

PRBT - 0201

The Rolling Ball Tack tester is the testing instrument which is designed to test the tack of any type of adhesives. It is meant for measuring the ability of an adhesive that quickly stick to another exterior. The instrument strictly adheres to various standards that are introduced by different standardization authorities to execute the tack test on the pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives.

In the process of Rolling Back Tack Tester, a steel ball is installed which permits to roll down from a particular point in the grooved path which is inclined at a given angle to the bottom of the test platform. The responsive pressure tape is affixed below the end of the path of the platform. The roll back achieves maximum speed when moves down and roll on the tacky surface. The shorter the distance which is covered by the ball, the higher will be the tackiness of the adhesives. Similarly, the longer the distance covered by the ball, the lower will be the tackiness of the adhesives.

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    • Angle Range: 60 degree
    • Test table area width: 50 mm (Glass surface)
    • Standard steel Ball: 7/16 Inch – 11 mm (1/32 inch~1 inch optional)
    • Range of Scale: 300 mm
    • Scale Least count: 1 mm

    • Based on the rolling ball method and test the instant adhesive property of specimens.
    • Testing steel balls are designed strictly according to national standards, which ensure the accuracy of test data.
    • Angle of inclination could be freely to meet customer test requirements.
    • Spring lever designed to release the ball with minimal user interference.
    • Simple loading of the ball for quick and easy operation.
    • CNC machined inclined trough, engineered for a smooth and accurate test

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  1. Umesh Patel
    18 Jun, 2018

    Rolling ball testing is very good and a very simple method for testing the adhesiveness of tapes. I have always used the same and is very satisfied with its performance.

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