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Seal Integrity Tester for Pouches

PSIT - 60

The packaging pouches are mainly used for packaging of small products such as food items. The seal of these products must be tested thoroughly to ensure the best safety and freshness of the products. The manufacturers need to test the seal integrity of the pouches they use for packaging of their products and for this a specialized instrument called seal integrity tester is used. The seal integrity tester  are used for finding out any leakage in the seal of the pouch thus ensuring  the quality of packaging and  helps in avoiding leakage and spillage of packaged products  that could happen otherwise.

Presto offers highly efficient and accurate seal integrity testers used in various packaging industries. The sample pouch to be tested is placed inside the seal integrity tester instrument where a vacuum is created to ensure if these pouches are intact or there is some leakage.

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    • Pressure test range: 40 to 135 psi
    • Display: HMI TFT colour screen 7″
    • Accuracy: ± 2% at full range.
    • Power: 220 V AC, 5 Amp., Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Max Stroke: 999999 Stroke
    • Load hold time: 9999 sec.

    • Excellent system control with latest HMI touchscreen
    • Program profile for selecting test parameters and performing the test.
    • Current test running status display
    • Highly accurate test results under pneumatic pressure control.
    • Strong clamping mechanism for performing tests
    • Fully automatic test after easy settings
    • Robust Construction
    • Pressure Vs Time graph of the output
    • USB option available for storing test data
    • Easy to access Inbuilt self-calibration facility

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