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TP800 Spectrophotometer


TP800 spectrophotometer is a fine color measuring instrument offered by Presto that is widely used in various industries for quality assurance and color consistency or products. The instrument is based on LED spectroscopy. The instrument is used for precise and accurate color measurement so that the appearance of the products could be easily enhanced. With an enhanced appearance and color consistency, the products can easily attract new customers. The instrument is not only used for testing L*ab value, but it also helps in the calculation of delta E value of a test specimen. The instrument is also designed to display the spectral reflectance curve.


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    • The device is provided with a 45/0 degree viewing geometry
    • The size of the integrating sphere provided with the instrument is 58 mm.
    • The light sources used in the device is combined LED.
    • The sensor of the device is silicone photodiode.
    • The wavelength range emitted by the device ranges from 400 to 700 nm.
    • The diameter of measuring aperture is 8 mm.
    • The device offers following color space  Indices that includes XYZ, CIE LAB, LCh, Yxy, HunterLAB, CIE LUV
    • The dimensions of the instrument are given as 90 X 77 X 230 mm.
    • The instrument is equipped with a Li-ion battery
    • The maximum lamp life offered by the instrument is 5 years
    • The instrument is provided with a large storage capacity with the ability to save Upto 15000 sample and 1000 standards.
    • Some additional accessories are also provided with the device such as Universal test component, Micro printer.

    • Capacitive Touchscreen featured
    • Software based output of test results
    • Two standard observer angles
    • Visible Spectrum 400~700 nm Reflectance curve
    • Effective Homogenization ray of lights with Oversized Integrating sphere
    • 45/0 degree geometrical optics structure
    • Large memory for extensive storage of more than 10000 data.
    • Silicon photo diode array sensor

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