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Wall Thickness Gauge 8600

Magnamike 8600

Magnamike 8600 – Wall Thickness Gauge is a consistent tool that uses magnetic field method to make repeatable and reliable measurements on nonferrous materials. The instrument supports Plastic and Glass bottles, Packaging, Automotive tear seams, Aerospace and other applications.

The best testing device which is used to perform bottle thickness measurement is Magnamike 8600 – wall thickness gauge. The instrument is widely used to test the quality of non-ferrous material like Preforms, glass, water tanks, aluminum, foam, PET, etc. The testing instrument works on the principle of Hall Effect technology. It works on a very simple magnetic procedure that makes a simple and repeatable measurement of non-ferrous materials. The device is provided with the digitally colored display that clearly shows the result of thickness measurement on the screen.

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    • Standard Max. Thickness: 9.14 mm
    • Min. Thickness range: 0.001mm (0.0001 in.)
    • Display: Color VGA Display (Digital) 640 x 480 Pixel
    • Keypad: English, Japanese, Chinese, International
    • Min/Max capture mode: Captured at 60Hz measurement rate
    • Display update rate: 4,8,16 and 20Hz
    • Resolution: 0.1mm(0.01 in.), 0.01 mm(0.001 in.), 0.001mm(0.0001 in.) (depending on thickness range)
    • Power: AC mains, 200-240V/100V-120V
    • Max. Thickness Expandable range: Upto 25.4mm (1.00 in.) (Optional)

    • Measurement based on probe’s Hall Effect sensor
    • Digital Display readout (LCD)
    • Repeatability in test measurements of test sample
    • Measurements through Target Ball or wire or Disk using Magnetic field
    • Expandable Thickness range upto 25.4mm (1.00 in.)
    • Replaceable Wear Caps – Standard and Chisel type
    • Expanded target selection – ¼ in. magnetic target balls or Wire target
    • Larger Color VGA display
    • Fast measurement update rate 60Hz
    • Programmable Instrument lock with password
    • RS-232/USB/VGA output Communication Modes
    • Direct Interface to Excel spreadsheet
    • WINXL interface program
    • Generate on board reports
    • Designed with IP67 rating
    • Expanded alphanumeric data logger
    • Save and recall option for stored calibration file

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