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Best Solution To Solve The Problem Of Metamerism – Color Matching Cabinet

Textiles industries are growing at a faster pace in the global market. People nowadays have become very much conscious of the fashion and style hence look for best quality of textile products. The major factor that explains the quality of the textile products is the color. If the quality of the colors of a product is appealing, it will be considered the quality of the material is perfect and if the colors of the fabric is not appealing it will be regarded as inferior material in terms of quality and rejected by the customers.

The color quality of the textile products can be explained by two major factors. The very first factor that explains the quality of the colors of the product is fastness of the color, crocking and dry rubbing and the second factor that explains the quality of the colors is the change in the appearance of the colors in different light condition. The change in the appearance of the textile products when place in different lights is known as the phenomenon of Metamerism.

Metamerism is that methodology in which the colors of the material appears to be different in different lights. This happens because of the difference in the wavelength in different sources of light. In order to ensure the uniformity of the colors of fabrics and other textile products, manufacturers make use of color matching cabinets.

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Color Matching Cabinets to test the vibrancy of colors of textile products. Presto offers three different models of color matching cabinets to fulfill the demand of a vast number of people in various industries. With the instrument, the user can easily measure the color quality and ensure that the products will look same irrespective of the lighting condition.

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