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Calculation of GSM of Packaging Fabrics for Best Strength and Quality of Packaging

GSM of Packaging Fabrics

The fabric is a major material that is used in the packaging industry for preparing packaging bags that are used for packaging different products in the packages. The manufacturers of different products need to ensure that the products are packaged efficiently for safe transportation and storage and hence they must ensure that when the fabric is chosen for manufacturing of the packaging bag, all of its features and qualities are analyzed.

The GSM of fabric is grams per cm2 and one of the most basic indicators of the fabric strength hence it is essential for the manufacturers of packaging bags to choose the fabric with an optimum value of GSM that ensures the best strength of the packaging.

The strength of the fabric is directly proportional to the GSM of the fabric hence as higher the GSM, the higher the value of the strength of the fabric. For best evaluation, it is essential to calculate the GSM of the fabric with great accuracy. Here is the best method to find the GSM of a given fabric sample.
Instrument required:

GSM round cutter

The grammage cutting tool is one of the high-quality lab testing instruments used in the textile industry for fabric testing and analysis. It is designed to accurately measure the weight of a fabric per unit area, providing a crucial parameter for assessing its quality and performance. The round cutter typically consists of a circular blade mounted on a handle, enabling users to cut precise fabric samples with a defined diameter. 

These samples are then weighed, and the GSM value is calculated by dividing the weight by the sample area. This measurement is vital for various applications, including quality control, research, and development in textile manufacturing, ensuring that fabrics meet specific standards and requirements. The GSM round cutter is an essential instrument for professionals working with textiles, enabling them to make informed decisions about materials and production processes.

Digital GSM weight Balance

A digital GSM weighing balance is a specialized lab testing instrument designed for accurately measuring the Grams per Square Meter (GSM) of materials, particularly in the textile and paper industries. This precision weighing balance employs digital technology to provide highly accurate and reliable measurements of the weight of a given material per unit area.

Users can place a sample of the material on the balance, and the digital display promptly shows the weight, allowing for efficient and precise GSM calculations. These instruments often come equipped with features such as tare functionality, automatic calibration, and user-friendly interfaces, enhancing ease of use and ensuring consistent and repeatable measurements. The digital GSM weighing balance plays a crucial role in quality control and research, providing valuable data for assessing the characteristics and performance of various materials in manufacturing processes.


The user needs to cut five swatches from the sample of the given fabric. The area of these swatches will be 100 cm2. The users need to weigh these swatches on the digital GSM balance and find out their weight. Now take the average weight of the swatches and then calculate the GSM of the fabric with the given formula.

This will give an accurate analysis of the GSM of the given sample ad with the help of which, the users can easily estimate the strength and other attributes of the given fabric.

Presto offers a highly accurate GSM calculating kit which includes a GSM round cutter and a digital GSM weighing balance which are used in different industries for the purpose of finding accurate GSM of different samples.

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