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Cobb Sizing Tester – A Quality Testing Instrument In Packaging Industry

The packaging process inculcates various checks and inspections that are necessary for quality results. Therefore, to meet such requirements of testing, Presto Stantest comes up with several testing instruments. One of the popular and high in demand is the Cobb Sizing Testers which is of great value in the paper & packaging industry. This testing instrument is used to determine the liquid absorptiveness of paper, corrugated sheets, fiberboards, and other sheet material that are treated or untreated. It simply determines the absorption of water or oil by the paper in the given time and under standard conditions.

The Cobb value helps to maintain the quality of the paper for better efficacy and quality to be used in the packaging industry. Therefore, to meet such quality testing, Presto Stantest has been delivering economical Cobb Tester with global certification to denote the accuracy.

Applications Of Cobb Sizing Tester
This Lab Testing Instrument is used in the packaging industry that determines the quality of paper, corrugated sheets, fiberboard, etc.

Purpose of the Cobb Test
In the packaging industry, the Cobb test has prime importance in quality checking. It helps determine the features of the paper-like porosity, sizing, etc. In addition to that, it evaluates the resistance power or absorption of paper in water, oil, or other liquid.

Principle & Working Module
The testing is done under some terms and conditions like specified time, etc. It can be performed using, water, oil, ink, or any water-based liquid and determines the quantity of water absorbed by the sample sheet.

Working Module of  Cobb Testing
The absorbent value of the material may cause the variation in the time duration. The less absorbent material would be tested in a long time on the other hand; the sample with more absorbent value/material would be tested in a short time. Here is the working module of the Cobb Tester.

  • Firstly clamp the sample paper and lock the crossbars while tightening the knobs.
  • Start the timer while pouring the test liquid.
  • Before the expiration of the predetermined test time, pour the liquid on the untreated sample.
  • Promptly loosen the knob and bring the crossbar out of the way while holding the ring down against the specimen.
  • Remove the ring carefully and place the specimen with the wet side up on the blotting paper.

Choose Presto For The Best Testing Experience
Presto Stantest has been serving quality assured testing tools to the packaging industry to deliver quality products. The company offers the competitive market price for Cobb Sizing Tester with the free assistance of experts at your doorstep. To learn the testing procedure in detail with practical, connect with us +91 9210903903 or send an email at

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