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Cut The Specimen Accurately With GSM Round Cutter

The GSM stands for grams per square meter of fabric weight. GSM is a crucial statistic for determining the quality of a knitted fabric. Calculating fabric GSM is a physical test that can't be done without the use of a grammage kit that includes weighing balance and a GSM round cutter. Presto is a leading manufacturer of GSM round cutters for fabricsThis lab testing equipment will be helpful in calculating the weight or grammage of the samples. This portable lab testing equipment will help to cut the sample in the round shape and size of 100 cm2. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the advantages you will get with the use of Presto GSM round cutter and how it is beneficial for the textile industry. So, stay connected till the end.

Calculate accurate GSM value by cutting specimen with GSM round cutter

GSM is considered to be an essential quality of fabric that will help you to evaluate its quality. It is highly useful to represent the weight as well as the thickness of fabrics. Thus, you can easily calculate the GSM of fabrics by accurately cutting with a GSM round cutter

This round GSM cutter is a very lightweight and portable testing instrument that helps one to cut the specimen in a precise circular shape. This GSM round cutter will provide you with the smooth cutting of samples so that you can accurately determine the GSM of the fabrics.

You can also read about how the GSM round cutter is helpful in testing the GSM of the sample with ease. This lightweight testing instrument has been embedded with several advanced set of features that makes it easy to use.

Features and Technical Specifications of Presto GSM round cutter

GSM round cutters are an essential testing instrument for cutting various sorts of specimens in an accurate and circular shape. This portable testing device comes with four built-in blades. Besides this, it has been equipped with several advanced features and specifications that make your fabric cutting work easier.

Features of Presto GSM round cutter

  • It comes with the body of aluminum casting.
  • The samples are provided accurately in round shape.
  • It comes with 4 replaceable German Blades.
  • The movement of the Hand Wheel is ¼ round to cut a sample.
  • Smooth cutting of specimen
  • Highly accurate testing results.

Technical Specifications of Presto GSM round cutter

  • The standard shape of the sample is circular.
  • A specimen area of 100 cm square and a diameter of 112.8 mm is provided with the instrument.
  • The cutter is equipped with 4 heavy-duty reversible S.S. blades.
  • The machine is also provided with a safety lock which is made up of fine brass.
  • It is fitted with a special Bakelite handle.

This round GSM cutter will allow you to accurately cut the specimen and find the GSM of materials. The round cutter for grammage is testing equipment that will be used in a variety of industries, including acrylic sheets, aluminum and foils, cotton bags and luggage, pulp, paper, printing, packaging, and leather, belts, footwear, paper industry, package material, machines, boxes, polyester & BOP films, thermal paper, converting, adhesive, chemical, and many others. To know about GSM round cutter pricediscounts, or other related details for this testing instrument, give us a call now at +91-9210 903 903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your queries.

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