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Determine Puncture Resistance of Food Packaging Material

Puncture Resistance

Packaging materials and containers are subjected to puncture hazards at the time of handling and transit such as dropping from heights, transportation shock loads that lead to puncture damage. Therefore, it is important to determine the puncture resistance of packaging material. Puncture Resistance Tester is testing equipment that provides an accurate resistance to puncture of a packaging material ranging from thick boards to thin papers.

When you purchase food or juice pouches, you might notice that a few pouches are bloated. The warning is written on pouches that if that packet is bloated, do not purchase it. Bloating indicates that the packet is infected by bacteria. Bacteria feed on the contents of pouches and produce gas. Since this gas cannot escape from the sealed packet, it collects inside and causes the pouch to bloat.

At the time of manufacturing, if the packaging machine is infected by bacteria, a large number of pouches get infected. Packaging gets punctured at the time of handling and transportation. In addition to exposing food to bacteria, puncture exposes the food to air and moisture. Some retailers reseal the pouches as soon as they identify any puncture. However, resealing does not help as the bacteria gets inside the packaging with a slight puncture in it as the gas does not escape from the pouches. You can read more on the factors that affect the puncture resistance of plastic films.

Packaging has a great impact on the quality of its products inside. It also affects consumer purchasing decisions. Food packaging represents a great challenge for product design. Many new developments are taking place in food packaging such as nanotechnology, biodegradable packing etc. A hole in packaging film leads to loss of freshness, oil leakage and contamination.

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The resistance of films to high-speed punctures especially those that occur at the time of filing operations on vertical form fill seal packing lines is hard to evaluate from laboratory tests.  New test methods are developed to improve packaging performance.

The Puncture Resistance Tester has a pendulum at the extreme having a curved arm making a 90 degrees arc. At the top of this curved arm, is a pointed steel head which has a triangular pyramid with round edges.

Operating principle:

The sample is attached between two horizontal plates with a circular opening of standard size that permits a passage to the puncture point. The pendulum is lifted and held which upon release allows the pendulum to swing through the arc. It carries the pointed head through the test sample. The amount of energy absorbed by the sample is saved in a digital monitoring system.

Top Features of Presto Puncture Resistance Tester

The Presto Puncture Resistance Tester boasts a range of top-notch features that enhance its performance and usability. 

With a microprocessor-based display, it ensures accurate test results, providing precise measurements of puncture strength for test specimens. The machine delivers highly accurate results even under varying compression forces, offering reliability in assessing material resistance. 

Equipped with robust gripping clamps designed for a 90-degree puncture test, it ensures stability and consistency in testing. The bright LED display enhances visibility, while the inbuilt calibration facility contributes to maintaining accuracy over time. 

The inclusion of feather-touch controls adds a user-friendly dimension, making the Presto Puncture Resistance Tester a comprehensive and efficient tool for puncture testing applications.
You can easily determine the puncture resistance of food packaging material with the help of the Presto puncture resistance testing machine. 


In conclusion, assessing the puncture resistance of food packaging materials is paramount for ensuring the integrity and safety of packaged products. The results obtained from such tests provide valuable insights into the material's ability to withstand puncture forces, safeguarding the contents from potential damage during handling, transportation, and storage. 

As the food packaging industry continually seeks to enhance product quality and shelf life, the determination of puncture resistance stands as a critical aspect in the development and selection of packaging materials. By comprehensively understanding and addressing puncture resistance, manufacturers can contribute to delivering reliable and secure packaging solutions, meeting the stringent demands of the food industry and ensuring consumer satisfaction. If you need more information about puncture resistance or you want to buy a puncture resistance tester for your packaging firm, then you can give us a call at  +91-9210 903 903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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