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Ensure Best Strength of Fabric Packaging Bags with Tearing Strength Tester

The fabrics are widely used in the packaging industries for the purpose of packaging of many different products. The quality of the fabrics is a very important aspect that ensures the best safety of the products that are packaged in the fabric bags.  Some of the best examples of fabric packaging are the jute bags and woven bags that are used for packaging of different products.

In order to ensure that the packaging of the products is of the best quality, the fabric used for the manufacturing of the packaging products. One of the major features that are essential for the fabric packaging is a high tearing strength.   The tearing strength of fabric can be a responsible factor for ensuring the best quality and strength of the packaging that offers the best safety to the products.

Many different factors affect the tearing strength of the fabrics. The manufacturers of the packaging need to ensure that they choose the fabric with best tearing strength for best protection of the products. some of the factors that affect the tearing strength of the packaging products are as follows.

  1. The single thread strength used in the fabric is of great importance, and the tearing of the fabrics is initiated with the breaking of the single thread.
  2. The structure of the fabric is also of great importance. If the fabric structure is very lost, then it may cause the easy tearing of the fabrics.
  3. The smoothness of the yarns is also a great factor that affects the tearing strength of the fabrics.
  4. The weave of the fabric is also a major factor that affects the tearing strength of the fabric. The simple weave of the fabric will have lower tearing strength whereas fabric with a twill weave has a high tearing strength.

To ensure the best tearing strength of the packaging materials made from fabrics, the manufacturers must test the tearing strength of fabrics thoroughly before making a packaging bag. The tearing strength tester offered by Presto is one of the most efficient testing instruments that allow the users to test the tearing strength of the fabrics with great accuracy and ensure the best strength and quality of the products.

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