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Ensure Firm Peel Strength of Coated Materials with the Peel Adhesion Tester

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Products that are shipped are equipped with so many labels, tapings & packaging sheets to provide information as well as safeguard the product from hazards by acting as a shield over it. The materials used for such flexible packaging are mainly tapes, laminates, plastic sheets, etc. The flexible packaging material is used by manufacturers for these purposes all across the globe due to its durability and ability to attain high levels of peel strength which provides a sense of assurance regarding the non-movement, once they are coated correctly on the surface of the package or the specimen.

To keep this assurance of manufacturers intact, the manufacturers from the flexible packaging industry evaluate the peel strength & peel durability of these tapes, laminates, labels, etc. To help manufacturers from the flexible packaging industry, the Presto Group has developed a lab testing instrument – the adhesion tester.

The instrument is designed with precision to serve manufacturers the correct & accurate results while determining the peel ability of coated materials as they contribute hugely towards the success-making models of the bands.

The instrument is designed as an extremely ergonomic device to make sure that all operator types can get familiar with the instrument.

Working Procedure of the Adhesion tester

The peel tester is equipped with an extremely simplistic working mechanism that aids manufacturers & operators from the flexible packaging material industry.

To begin with the test, it is important to condition the sample before adjusting it to the adhesion tester. The manufacturer of the instrument has provided a chemical called toluene that separates the coated material from each other only after the specimen is dipped into the same for 15-20 minutes.

Once the specimen is conditioned, the operator can simply adjust the specimen among the grippers of the instrument that are equipped with a rugged surface to ensure no or zero movement of the specimen during the course of testing.

The upper gripper remains stationary, however, the lower gripper moves in the opposite direction of the upper gripper i.e. downward movement. The movement of the lower gripper away from the upper gripper results in the exertion of peel force on the specimen. The sample withstands the peel force up to an extent and then surrenders to the exerted force.

The operator can conduct the same into two different angles by adjusting the position of the grippers. The two angles are:

  • 90 degrees (vertical testing)
  • 180 degrees (horizontal testing)

The peel testing machine is offered with a microprocessor-based digital display that determines the peak load that the specimen could withstand before peeling from the other half.

The operator can simply record the result for future considerations with the memory hold feature of the instrument, allowing the operator to conduct analysis based upon comparison.

The ergonomic testing is performed with the help of certain characteristics imbibed in the instrument that help the manufacturer attain accuracy-driven test results with minimal effort.

Top Characteristics of the Adhesion Tester

The manufacturer of the adhesion test machine has made sure that the instrument is well-equipped with all the necessary features required for the seamless testing process & accurate test results.

The first & foremost feature is the provision of a toluene chemical along with the instrument for the conditioning of the sample that allows the operator to streamline the testing process and thus enable the operator to reach precise results with adeptness.

The instrument is also offered with two different-angled testing measures to evaluate the peel strength of the specimen both vertically & horizontally.

The peel testing machine is also offered with an extremely well-designed control panel that is imbibed with a top-notch microprocessor-based digital display as well as feather touch controls that encourage the operator to conduct the test with absolute ease.

The peel tester is offered with highly advanced grippers that have a rugged surface, ensuring no movement of the specimen with maximum ease. The lab testing instrument performs bond/ seal/ peel/ adhesion tests with no issue at all due to these outstanding grippers with rugged surfaces.

The instrument is built on a firm platform with a robust material i.e. mild steel that is coated with 7-layered powder paint to ensure rustproofing properties inside the instrument.

Book Yourself an Adhesion Tester As Soon As Possible

To determine the peel ability of flexible packaging materials like laminates, plastic sheets, tapes, etc. you can get yourself the finest peel tester – made by the Presto Group.

To seek further knowledge about the specifications of the adhesion test machine, you can visit our website anytime. To place an order for the adhesion tester, kindly call us at our phone no. +91 9210903903 or e-mail us with all the necessary details and customizations you require in your lab testing instrument at

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