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Provide the best strength of plastic films for packaging with Presto’s Dart Impact Tester

A dart impact tester is a very effective testing instrument that is used in the packaging industries for the purpose of testing the strength of the Plastic films.  The plastic films are used widely in the packaging industries for packaging of different products like spices, food products, ingredients, chemicals, etc. The plastic films that are used for packaging need to be strong enough that they could bear any type of impact during the transportation as well as storage process. The manufacturers need to ensure that they test the durability and strength of the plastic films that ensures the best safety of the products.

The dart impact tester works by dropping a dart of specific diameter and weight on a test specimen from a specific height. The drop of the dart is conducted with the help of an electromagnetic hold and release mechanism which leaves no chance of human errors in the test results.

Key Features of Presto’s Dart Impact Tester

  1. The instrument is manufactured on a rigid metallic base plate.

  2. The instrument is designed for a strong and sturdy performance.

  3. Dart can be released from the holder with a single push button.

Technical features of Presto’s Dart Impact Tester

  1. The instrument comes with two different darts with diameters 38.5 mm and 50 mm.

  2. The maximum height of fall of the dart can be 1524 mm.

  3. There is a vacuum pump available as an optional accessory to hold the test specimen firmly.

  4. The dead weights that are provided with the machine are from 5 grams to 500 grams.

The dart impact tester instrument is mostly used in the packaging industry for the purpose of testing the strength and endurance of the plastic films that are mostly used for the purpose of packaging of different products.

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