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How to Ensure the Best Strength of the Fabrics with Bursting Strength Test

The fabrics are used in different fields for different purposes. The fabrics are used for garments, parachutes, packaging materials and so forth. The fabrics when used for different purposes, need to be tested for their different properties and strength. One such property is the bursting strength of the fabrics. When the fabrics are used, then the stress is applied in all the direction. This causes the fabrics to burst at the point of application of stress. The fabrics, when used for applications such as filters, sacks, parachutes, and other similar applications, the same nature of stress, is applied to them that may cause them to fail. The most common reason for the failure of the fabrics is the bursting forces rather than the straight tensile force. For example, the fabrics may fail due to the stress exerted on them based on the elbows or knees of a garment. When the fabric is tested, then it fails in the direction of the fabric that has the lowest value of breaking extension.

The bursting strength of the fabrics has to be tested with the help of proper instrumentation so that accurate determination of the bursting strength of the sample could be done. The bursting strength test is performed by measuring the amount of force that is required to burst the fabric sample when the force is applied through a rubber diaphragm.

During the test, there is at least ten specimens from a sample are tested, and their bursting value is recorded. After that, an average of all the readings is calculated which gives the bursting strength of the sample. The only problem with this method is this cannot be used for testing the fabrics with a high degree of extensibility.

Presto offers highly efficient bursting strength tester that is capable of delivering consistent and accurate values of the test procedure for different materials.

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