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Factors that Affect the Gloss of Surfaces

Gloss of Surfaces

The gloss of different products is one of the most important aspects that define its quality. The human mind easily presumes the different features and quality of products from the gloss offered by it. The manufacturers need to ensure that the gloss of the products is of best level which could ensure the customers about the quality of the products. The gloss of a surface can be easily measured with the help of proper instruments such as gloss meters. With the measurement of gloss of the surface, the manufacturers can easily ensure the best appearance of the products. In order to maintain the best level of gloss, it is essential to understand the factor that affects the gloss of a surface.

Here are the factors that affect the gloss of the products and surfaces.

Angle of viewing

The angle at which the viewer views the products is of great importance as it has a great impact on the amount of gloss received by the eyes of the viewer. In order to provide the best gloss to the products, it is essential for the manufacturers to test the gloss of the surfaces at every angle. The gloss meter can help them in measuring the gloss at different angles for best analysis.

Texture of the surface

The texture of the surface being viewed is another major factor that affects the amount of gloss that is offered by it. A surface that has a rough texture will offer very less amount of gloss whereas the surface that has been polished properly and has a smooth texture will exhibit a very high amount of texture.

Use of coating

Use of coatings such as paints and other types of coatings can also affect the amount of gloss that is offered by the surface.

The gloss meter offered by Presto is a highly advanced testing instrument that is used in industries for the purpose of measuring the gloss of different surfaces with the best testing procedures. The instrument allows the users to measure the gloss of test specimen from different angles which allow them to make necessary changes for enhancement of gloss of the surfaces.

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