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Features of Presto’s Hot Air Oven

Studying the behavior of the products and materials at elevated temperatures is one of the major requirements in many industries for quality assurance purpose. The industries need to analyze the best quality of the products and materials used for manufacturing the products. The Hot air oven is a commonly used instrument that is used for creating elevated temperature where the test specimen can be studied for their behavior at high temperatures. When it comes to accurate testing, the industries need to use only the best instruments that can deliver the most accurate test conditions and test results for the test specimen.

Presto’s Hot air oven is one of the most advanced testing instruments that can be used by the industries to ensure the easy and accurate testing of the materials for their behavior in extreme temperatures. The instrument is equipped with advanced features that help the users in the easy testing of the materials with great precision.

Here are the major features of Presto’s Hot Air Oven.

  • The Temperature controlling in this instruments is done with the help of a PID temperature controller and indicator.
  • The Instrument also has a timer fitted in the device that helps the users in timing the test procedure accurately.
  • The stainless steel testing chamber ensures long life and stable performance of the testing instrument.
  • There are stainless steel racks provided with the machine that makes it easy to place test specimen efficiently.

The Hot Air Oven offered by Presto is an ideal instrument that is used for analyzing the phenomenon such as compression set, hot deformation, the heat resistance of materials and so forth. With the help of this device, the manufacturers can easily ensure the best quality of the products delivered to the customers and clients.

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