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Get Bending Resistance of Card Stock with Stiffness Test

The quality of paper affects the application it has been chosen for. It shapes the opinion of your customer regarding the product. Cardstock also called as cover stock, is a thick paper which is more durable than normal writing paper but is thinner than fibreboards. They are often used for manufacturing business cards,playing cards, postcards, magazine covers, scrapbook paper etc. which require high amount of durability than regular paper material. The manufacturer of such paper must assure that the stiffness value meets the set criteria of the industry. This can be evaluated using a proficient testing equipment as Stiffness Tester.

It is a simple but smart setup to obtain the most accurate testing results within a fraction of seconds. It is used to evaluate the flexural rigidity or stiffness of paper and paperboard. It can detect even minute bends in the paper material on applying force. The stiffness scale measures the resistance value of a paper against the bending force and depending upon this value the material is categorized for different applications and pricing.

Stiffness Tester is a tabletop model, which is highly portable in nature and light in weight. It uses a Taber-Type system for testing the material and the specimen movement direction is also set as per the Taber guideline. The equipment complies with TAPPI –T489 OM-08 testing standards. The Paper material is clamped from both ends and gripped tightly by screws. The sample is set at 0 range and force application is initiated. The force is applied on the lower end of the sample. It uses a two-directional pendulum system for obtaining accurate test results.

The movement is completely frictionless and ensures zero error. A Fast Guiding Mechanism is delivered with pendulum system.The torque generated while testing, move the pendulum from its existing position and the final readings can be taken. A Taber unit scale is available for stiffness calculation. Ratchet and Fat clamping fixtures are used to hold the specimen. The device offers single handed and hassle-free operation with a unique testing apparatus. The entire device is structured using corrosion-resistant plating for extended validity.

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