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Globally Accepted Vacuum Leak Tester for Small Pouches

The customer today demands more comfort and flexibility in all type of services. They also set higher expectations and demand from product packaging. Right now the trend is of small and flexible packaging such as pouches. They are economical, take less space, and are portable and lightweight. However, there is more aspect of pouches which are to be noted and must be assured for leading the competition. In this post, we are talking about the leak integrity of small pouches and testing the same using vacuum leak tester.

Due to various reasons, the pouch material can tend to leak the content inside such as on experiencing load, pressure differences, and poor quality packaging material or any damage during the production or packaging process. Sometimes these leak holes are so small that they are not at all noticeable by human eyes. Therefore, manufacturers must put the product under vacuum leak test using the highly precise testing equipment.

Presto brings Vacuum leak tester – Digital Model. The machine is specially designed keeping mind the need of small pouch or packet manufacturers. It has been noticed that due to unavailability of suitable machine producers purchase huge and bulky vacuum tester to conduct leak test on small pouches. But Presto Vacuum leak tester desiccator is constructed for various shaped small sized pouches. It complies with global test standards such as ASTM F 2338-09(2013), ASTM D 4991-07(2015) and ASTM D6653.

Suitable for testing small plastic pouches, stand-up pouches, packaging trays, sachets and related products. Conducts Vacuum decay method, evaluate the high-altitude effect, test differential pressure conditions. Machine is equipped with strong plastic desiccator designed as per standards, vacuum generator pipe, pressure gauge, single push-button operation and a bright LED display which converts the vacuum difference into a numerical value. Corrosion resident main body ensure the long-running life of the products. The test enables to detect the pressure difference and calculate the leak integrity and even determine the level of leak hole within a few seconds.

Know more about the machine special features, or get a quotation now.

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