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Provide Attractive And Colorful Products To The Customers With Highly Accurate Color Measurement Devices

To fulfill the color measurement requirement in different production units, such kind of measuring instruments are developed in the laboratories. These instruments work on the basis of various color measuring accessories. These devices are also equipped with the camera and illuminators that offer a high quality of illuminance radiance to measure the vibrancy of the colors precisely. The color measurement accessories that are installed in the devices are designed as per standards to provide an excellent level of accuracy to the customers.

Presto Stantest supplies best color measuring solution to their customers like TP110 Precision Color Measurement. It is an extremely accurate color measurement device that offers best test results. The instrument is provided with a various color measuring accessories like inbuilt white calibration, 8mm extended aperture, Universal Test Component, Computer Software and Powder test box that helps the users to operate the instrument easily.

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