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Make Your Pet Bottles Safe For Transit With Top Load Tester

PET bottles have changed the way the products were packaged in the past. In the past years, industries used glass containers and bottles and other alternatives to package their products which were expensive and also very weak. With the introduction of PET containers and bottles, the industries are now able to package their products safely and in very low cost.

The PET bottles are used for packaging of variety of products such as beverages, carbonated drinks, sauces, pickles and other food items. Apart from these they are also used for packaging of chemical as the PET is non-reactive to most of the chemicals. With such large usage of PET bottles, the manufacturers need to make Sure that the PET bottle are made strong so that they could survive the force exerted on them during warehousing and transit.

A testing instrument called Top Load tester is used for testing the ability of PET bottles to resist any deformation in their shape and size when a load is applied on them from the top. The load is applied on them until the bottle is deformed and the minimum amount of load required for deformation is calculated.

Presto is a leading manufacturer of Top load testers in India and has been offering highly accurate and precise testing instruments for accurate quality testing of various products. The instrument offered by Presto is in adherence with all the essential, standards and comes with a conformance certificate.

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