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How to Perform Drop Test Efficiently on Packaging Containers?

For the purpose of the quality assurance of the packaging cartons, it is essential to inspect various aspects that affect the quality and strength of the packaging cartons. The factors that are inspected to ensure the best quality of the cartons include the box compression value, Edge crush value, bursting strength of the materials, Cobb sizing value and so forth. The drop testing is one of the most important and a basic testing procedure that is used for testing the strength as well as the quality of the packaging cartons. The testing procedure is used to analyze the impact of the drop that is faced by most of the packaging containers during the transportation or handling process. The procedure is done with the help of the Drop tester, an instrument that is capable of delivering accurate and effective testing data to the users.

The procedure of drop testing is as follows.

First of all the test sample is selected and prepared for the test procedure.

After the preparation of the test specimen, the testing device that will be used for the testing is prepared by inspecting it for any type of flaws or inaccuracy defects.

  1. Using the given table, the user must choose the height of drop that must be used for conducting the test.
Package Weight Drop Height
1-9Kg 76cm
10-18 Kg 61 cm
19-27 Kg 46 cm
28-45 Kg 30 cm
46-68 Kg 20 cm
  1. The test specimen can be dropped either on the flat faces, edges or corner according to the standard that is being followed for the test.
  2. Once the test is conducted, the pass-fail criteria are determined with the help of test findings.
  3. The packet is considered passed if the packaging has no breakage or deformation that may be harmful to the product.
  4. If the package is damaged or deformed or there are any other safety issues developed in the package, then the specimen will be considered failed.

With the help of Presto’s drop tester, the industries can easily conduct the drop test on the packaging containers and ensure the best level of strength and safety the packaging containers

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