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Some of the major features of Presto’s Box Compression Tester

The Box compression value of a packaging box is one of the most important properties that affects the quality and strength of the boxes. The manufacturers need to evaluate this property of the packaging containers so that they could provide the best quality to the clients. A box compression tester is an instrument that is used in the packaging industry to test the compressive strength of the corrugated, cardboard and other packaging boxes.

Presto is one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of box compression tester. The box compression tester offered by Presto is a very efficient instrument that is capable of delivering accurate and precise testing results to the users with a very high rate of repeatability. Here is why one should choose the Presto’s Box Compression Tester for testing the quality and strength of the packaging boxes.

  1. The box compression tester from Presto offers the users to test their samples at variable test forces ranging from 500 kilograms to 1000 kilograms.
  2. The raw materials that have been used for manufacturing the instrument are of best grade which gives it a long life along with sturdy
  3. The instrument is available with a speed of 10 mm per minute which is appropriate for accurate testing of the products.
  4. The instrument strictly adheres to the international quality testing standards such as ASTM, TAPPI, JIs and so forth.

In addition to these features, the efficient after sales service from presto make sure that the users never face any problem related to installation, operation or calibration of the instruments.

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