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How can tensile testing help in making better and stronger packaging materials?

The packaging materials that are used for packaging of different products need to be very strong to bear the extreme conditions that are levied on them during the process of storage, stacking and transit. The tensile strength of the packaging materials is one of the most important property that helps the manufacturers in determining the ability of the materials to bear the forces that are exerted on them during their usage. The more will be a tensile strength, stronger the packaging will be and more it will provide safety to the products that are packaged in that box or container.

The tensile strength of material is the maximum amount of force that it can bear before it breaks or experience permanent deformation. This point is also called the yield point whereas the breaking point is called the point of failure of that particular material. The tensile strength test is conducted on different materials with the help of a testing instrument called Tensile Testing Machine. The tensile testing machine not only helps in finding out the tensile strength of the test specimen but also helps in finding other important quantities related to the quality of the materials such as

  1. Tensile strength
  2. Young’s Modulus
  3. Tensile strain
  4. Elongation in the test specimen with percent elongation at yield.
  5. Elongation in the specimen with percent elongation at breaking point or point of failure.

With the help of these quantities, the manufacturers can make proper improvements in the properties of the material to ensure that they deliver the best quality to the clients.

Presto offers a wide range of Tensile testing machines with different load ranges that can accurately calculate the tensile strength of the packaging materials and provide testing data to the users for better quality assurance.

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