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Different Types Of Test Methods Used In Industries To Test Efficiency Of Packaging Products

Packaging Products

The packaging of a product is one of the most important things that keep the products safe from the external effects. The products are packaged for safety from moisture, impacts and other problems that they face during the process of storage and transportation. In addition to that, the packaging also helps in enhancing the appearance of the products as well as branding of the company. As the packaging is so important for the products, it is essential to ensure the optimum quality, durability and strength of the packaging materials that are to be used for the products. Different tests are used for analysis and evaluation of the efficiency and strength of the packaging materials. Here are some of the prominent testing methods that can be used for testing the quality of the products.

Physical properties

The physical properties such as mechanical strength, tensile strength and compressive strength of the packaging materials play an important role in ensuring the best level of safety of the products. The packaging materials need to be strong enough so that they could endure the forces that are exerted on them during transportation or stacking for storage. The tensile strength testers, Box compression testers, edge crush testers are some of the prominent paper packaging testing equipment that is used for analyzing the mechanical properties of the packaging materials.

Environmental Endurance

The packaging materials need to be strong enough that they stay unaffected by the environmental factors such as moistures, heat, water, etc. These environmental factors can cause the materials to deviate from their strength and quality and hence can cause degradation of the products that is packaged within. The instruments that are used for testing the environmental endurance of the packaging materials include hot air oven, muffle furnace, Ultra Low Deep Freezer, Cobb sizing tester and so forth.

Leakage testing

The packaging needs to be leakage free so that the products could not come out of the package and also there is no chance of any contaminant to enter the package. The leakage resistance of the materials can be done with the help of vacuum leak testers that use a high-pressure vacuum to detect any leakage of the packaging materials such as plastic pouches.

Presto provides a wide variety of paper packaging testing equipment for the industries that are used widely for the quality testing of the materials so that efficient, stronger and safer packaging of the products could be delivered to the customers.

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