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Testing Heat Seal Performance of Packaging Films as per ASTM F1921

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Heat sealing is an important procedure with regards to Product Packaging. Testing the effects of Controlled parameters on the seal quality of a particular film is vital for package design and its later utilization quality. The polymer based packaging films must be checked for its sealing ability before using in main packaging process. This is important for some obvious reasons. Poor quality film or film which was not tested for its sealing behaviour under a defined pressure and heat can’t be predicted for its performance in real-time.

Such films may tear from between or may lose their sealing quality within mins. Or may melt down completely under high pressure and heat. To avoid such conditions, manufacturers must check the heat-seal quality of packaging films. Presto group offers an advanced model of Hot Tack Tester which is used for testing the heat seal performance of films. It uses new-generation techniques such as HMI based Touchscreen Display. User can set test parameters as per their industry set criteria which includes setting the force unit, Sealing dwell time, Dwell temperature for left & right direction, de-sealing time, motor on delay, motor frequency etc. other than this user can also set pass & fail criteria. After setting the criteria for the test, just simply initiate and user can have a live view of test values on screen while the test is running.

Additional to the HMI screen, the machine is designed under Global test standards like ASTM F1921 and ASTM 2029. This makes the reliability and accuracy of the test results more acceptable. Equipped with Pneumatic controlled fixtures for smooth test process. Strong sample clamping knobs which can be tightened manually as per need. A highly accurate and calibrated Load cell is also fitted to ensure the uniformity in test while force application. The heating jaws are designed in such a way that they must deliver the exact set temperature and heat to the specimen films. A Microprocessor based inbuilt PID controller is there for maintaining the accuracy in heating and temperature parameters. Data output can be done using USB port facility and also it can be visualized on screen in graphical and data record format. It is suitable for testing composite films, packaging films, thermoplastic films, laminates etc.

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